1. Who is in charge of the tour, to handle emergencies?

Maria Villavicencio –

2. Can you tell me about Chaperone selection, screening, and ratios?

Y staff, along with volunteers who we feel relate well to young people and have a strong presence will serve as Chaperones, with a maximum 1:9 ratio. All must undergo a level II criminal background check and fingerprint by the Y of South Florida.

3. Will this help me in my pursuit of a college education?

Absolutely! This will give you a “sample” of college life, costs, and the environment.

4. Will I have a good time?

99% guaranteed! As long as you are interested in your future success and desire to share your time with peers, you’ll be just fine!

5. What is the dress attire?

See Y College Tour Dress Code. Please maintain good personal hygiene- at all times. Daily showers are encouraged while away.

6. How much money will I need to bring?

$100 to cover snacks, lunch/dinner. Additional shopping & souvenirs are strictly at your comfort level.

7. How often do we eat? Do I need to pay for any meals?

YCT meals are 3 times/day.  Continental breakfast at the hotel or by the Y. Most lunches will be on a college campus. Please review the tour agenda prior to the trip. Students are responsible for 6-8 meals. Lunch is provided on career days.

8. What are the YCT lodging accommodations?

The lodging partner for the tour is Marriott. Students will be assigned 4/room taking into consideration age and grade levels. Students will be allowed to select one of their roommates.

9. Can I change room assignments if I think my assigned roommates won’t work?

If absolutely necessary, room assignments may change, please speak to Program Director.

10. How many luggage’s’ can I bring?

Students are allowed one luggage to go under the bus, the provided book bag and one personal item no the bus.

11. Can I go swimming in the hotel pool?

Yes, however free time is limited and permission must be granted. A Y chaperone must be present.

12. Can I bring my video game?

Yes. But at your own risk. The YMCA is not responsible for any personal items that may be lost or stolen. Hand-held video games cannot be brought onto college campuses, restaurants or cultural experience outings.



13. Can I bring my cell phone?

Yes, however, while on college campuses & during tours, student phones are expected to be turned off and out of sight.

14. Are there any curfews?

Yes, on average 11:00 pm. Students must be in their room with their assigned roommates only. Doors will be taped at curfew by your chaperone.

15. What happens if I leave my room after the curfew?

Any student who is caught leaving their room after curfew will be sent home. Parents will be contacted immediately to make arrangements for the following day at the parents’ expense.  If for any reason a student must leave their room after curfew, they must contact their tour chaperone first and receive approval prior to exiting the room.

16. Can I visit the rooms of participants of the opposite sex?

NO. Time spent inside of the hotels will be extremely limited, however, students of the opposite sex are allowed to mingle in common areas under chaperone supervision.

17. If I get hungry, can I order food from the hotel?

Yes, however, please notify your chaperone to assist you before ordering to prevent multiple orders to the same restaurant.

18. What happens if I remove or break any items in the hotel?

Students are responsible for any broken items or removed/stolen items from their hotel room

19. Can I call home using the hotel phone in my room?

No.  If you do not have a cell phone, students are encouraged to use chaperone phones for outbound calls.

20. Can friends or relatives from the area visit me on campus or at the hotel?

ONLY if needed, permission must be given PRIOR to their visitation by the Program Director.

21. Can I visit a friend or relative living in the area?

For the safety and accountability of our group, students will not be allowed to visit others in the area.

22. What if I don’t want to attend one of the activities?

Unless ill, the entire group stays together, attending all activities. You’ll be just fine!

23. What’s the purpose of the journal?

The YCT Journal is a tool to help you navigate your goals and dreams while on the tour.

24. What should I know to help me have a safe trip?

Never leave the group during tours. Follow all rules and policies for the tour. Report any incidents that might jeopardize anyone in the tour group to the chaperone immediately.