History Resonates

History Resonates


Walking miles and miles in 30-degree weather was worth it today.  Most of the day, I was drooling in awe.  Today, we brought our history classes forefront, to life.  It’s funny how dry and dead school is, but to experience it is an entirely different recipe.

The atmosphere struck high as I stayed in humility to receive such a massive treat that gave nutrition to my encouragement.  From airplanes to space crafts, to the Lincoln Memorial to the MLK, Jr. statue, it was an odyssey none of us will forget.  History does have an effect on the future.

All of us walked so slow because it was so much to take in.  We’ve passed through centuries in just a few hours; time travelers.  Our minds were distorted and hit hard by the meteor of history.  It is our option to get rid of this meteor or let it resonate.

– Alvin Anderson –- Currently a junior at FAMU

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