Students get prepared to depart for 8 day college tour…

On Friday morning, students and their parents arrived bright and early for our 5:30 am departure for the tour.  As the chaperones pulled in at 4:45am, we were surprised to see the parking lot already filled with cars of excited students and parents.  It felt almost like a Black Friday sale!

As each entered we signed in we couldn’t help but see the Channel 10 news camera and reporter stationed outside the Y catching individual parents and students to ask about their anticipated journey.   Check us out at:

Early morning departure
Early morning departure

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The excitement remained so high that after a while, we realized that our bus had not arrived.  Surely not to dissapoint our students, we kept the energy high by singing songs, dancing and playing games until the bus arrived.  Although the bus was a couple hours late and our first visit to Bethune Cookman had to be rescheduled, in the end all was well, sprits remained high and we were off to our first stop…BREAKFAST ast Cracker Barrell:-).

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